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What is a Corner?
A corner is a place where the hosts and the guests can access services. The Corners are hotels which are partners of At The Corner. They provide services like key exchange, luggage storage, breakfast...
Why aren’t some services available in this Corner?
Each Corner provides only the services it can best fulfill. Feel free to check the other Corners to find the service you want.
How can I pay?
You can pay with MasterCard and Visa cards.


Why do I need to book?
You have to book the services on our website because the Corners provide services to their clients (people who are sleeping in their hotels) and to At The Corner users. Moreover, when you book services tnaks to At The Corner website, an insurance is included. We secure your information.
Is it possible to cancel a booking?
To cancel a reservation, please contact us and we will do our best to satisfy your demand. However, cancelation on the day of the service is not possible.
Is it possible to modify a booking?
You can do some modifications on the page "My bookings". For the other ones, please contact us and we will do our best to satisfy your demand.
How can I be sure that the service is booked?
If you have received a confirmation email, the service is booked. Moreover you can check your bookings on the page "My bookings".


I have forgotten my password. How to change it?
Click on the button "Log in", then click on "I have forgotten my password" and just follow the instructions..
What information should I fill up to create an account?
All the fields of the creation account form are required. We advise you to enter your true information. Indeed we will send you a confirmation email for each booking and you may have to give an identity document (ID card, passport...) at the Corner.
What does At The Corner do with the information in my account and my bookings?
We use this information to set up the service. We only send essential information to the Corner you have selected.

Trust & safety

What does PCI DSS mean?
PCI DSS means Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This certification ensures that your bank details are well protected.
Who can see my bank information?
Your bank information consists of the card number, the expiration date, and the security cryptogram (3 numbers on the back of the card). This information is verified during the payment of the service, but isn’t stored. Moreover, neither the Corners nor us have access to this information.
What does SSL mean?
SSL means Secure Sockets Layer. It’s a secure exchange protocol. We used this protocol in order to protect your information.
How does the Corner verify identity?
The Corner asks for an official identity document (ID card, passport).
How to justify the trust and safety of your services?
Trust and safety are our priorities. So, we have created a full page about these topics. You can see this page here.

Key exchange

What happens in case of delay of my guest?
Our key exchange service is flexible. So, the keys can be dropped off at any time during the drop-off day (you define this day in the booking form) and in the opening times of the selected Corner. Moreover, the keys can be picked up at any time during the pick-up day (you define this day in the booking form) and in the opening times of the selected Corner.
Remember, some Corners are open 24/7.
How is my guest welcomed?
Your guest will be welcomed by a professional of hospitality who knows the city. He/she will be able to advise your guest (in French or in English).
Can someone else drop off the keys?
During the booking process, an option lets you write the name of the person who will drop off the keys.
Can someone else pick up the keys?
Just after the booking, you can fill up the date of the pickup and the name of the person who will pick up the keys. For security reasons, he/she needs to have an ID card (or passport) to pick them up.
Can I book a key exchange service if I don't know who will pick up the keys?
Yes, you do. During the booking process, you will need to fill in information of the person who will drop off the keys. You can complete the information about the pickup after the booking. Just remember, the keys can stay only one month in the Corner.
I don't have all the contact information of my guest, how can I book?
Don’t hesitate to discuss with your guest before his/her stay. Talk to him/her about At The Corner and ask for any missing information that.
Can I use the temporary email addresses of my guest?
Yes, At The Corner services can work with temporary addresses, but it is always better to have their personal address.
I would like to request a contribution from my travelers for the key exchange service. How can I do ?
Airbnb enables you to charge additional services to your travelers. For this, we advise you to visit this page of the Airbnb Community Center.
How are my guests inform about the service?
We don't send any email to your guests. So, after booking online, you should send them at least the name and the address of the Corner, and the booking reference. If they are in charge to pick up the keys, please tell them that they will need their ID card.

Luggage storage

What happens in case of delay?
Our luggage storage service is flexible. So, the luggage can be dropped off and picked up at any time during the service day and in the opening times of the selected Corner. Don't forget, some Corners are open 24/7.
Why is the luggage storage service limited to one day?
Our luggage storage service enables you to enjoy the first day or the last day of your stay. We offer you to drop off your luggages before your arrival at the accommodation, or before leaving the city.
What can I leave at the storage?
You can only leave your baggage. A baggage must not exceed 158 cm in total (height + length + width) and must weight less than 23kg.


What happens in case of delay?
Some services are available only at a given hour or in a time slot in the Corners. Please check carefully the description of the service before booking.